Monday, January 12, 2009

Configuring Windows Live Writer to post on IBM Communities

IBM Communities is an interesting experiment on bridging its internal networks of subject-matter experts and its external network of customers and partners (disclaimer, I am an IBM software engineer.)

As a heavy internal blogger sold on the concept of blogging as a personal empowerment tool over centrally controlled knowledge distribution, I was initially skeptical of the notion of corporate sponsored blogging, but I accepted the challenge of giving it a go for a a few months.

Enough with the philosophical observations, which I reserve for my other blog, the sourcepatch is about coding hacks and technical tips. In this entry I wanted to help people setup their favorite off-line editors to work with IBM Communities, starting first with Windows Live Writer (in fairness, employee-employeer loyalty and all that, WLW is a remarkable tool) .

Setup steps

  1. I started with the latest version: 14.0.8050.1202 en with the intention of pointing at my newly created blog, the Energy Scrolls, at
  2. Select Blogs –> Add blog account…
  3. In the “What blog service do you use?”, select “Other blog service”
  4. In the next dialog, use “” for the Web address of your blog and provide your username and password, click on “Next”
  5. In the “Select blog type” dialog, select “Atom Publishing Protocol” as the type of blog and use “” as the service document URL, click on “Next”.
  6. Select your blog for the account being created (you can create other accounts for eventual additional blogs) and click on “Next”.
  7. I could not get it to detect the blog theme or upload images, but I pointed to the “Energy Scrolls – Media Entries” when prompted for a place to upload my files, then click on “Next”
  8. Just pick a nickname of your choice in the next panel and you are done.

Two more disclaimers:

  1. When I post an entry and check the “View in browser after publishing”, the browser does not open the entry correctly as it does for posting to other blogging platforms.
  2. I could not get the Blogger and MetaWeblog APIs to work.

Now onto figuring out how to do the same with w.bloggar and ScribeFire.

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