Thursday, May 30, 2013

I am on GitHub…bookmarks, linked data, and more to come.

While writing more extensively for the System Management Connect blog,  I ended up creating some source code examples, which quickly evolved into interesting side projects.

At the same time, formatting these examples into blog editors became a major hassle with ephemeral results. Blog editors are definitely not geared for handling the heavy syntax of source code (yes, yes, good luck with “pre” tags) and even when you achieve good results, they are completely botched months later when the website hosting the blogs makes even the most minute change to their CSS stylesheets.

I am now sharing the code examples in a new GitHub account, at

My first project, unimaginatively titled “lctodel”, was developed a couple of years ago and copies bookmarks from a Lotus Connections account to a account (I know, I know, where is the bridge to .

The second project is still unimaginatively, but less cryptically, dubbed dw.article.rdf. It contains a web-based project that showcases Javascript interactions with my current project (Jazz for Service Management) and is based on jQuery and RDFQuery. I started writing about that exercise here.

Back to GitHub itself, I think more and more it has become a necessity for software developers to organize and publicize their hobbies outside their professional work. In my role I often interview candidates for development positions within the company and I cannot overstate the importance we give to a well-executed technical online presence.